Vexbox FAQs

I get involved with alot of kitchen refurbishment work and more often than not, I will return to a job to second fix only to find that, yet again, the tilers have tiled a wall and left insufficent opening in the tiles to allow the accessorie to fit in the box. Is there anyway Vexbox could be used to overcome this problem?

Karl, Burton on Trent

Yes Karl, when plastering is complete, install a vexbox in the normal way however, instead of breaking the depth guage off flush with the plaster leave it protruding by 2mm. This will then stop the tiler from going over the box and at the same time, will create an edge for him to work to.

I am refurbishing an old house at the moment. In some cases, I am removing the big old round pin single boxes and replacing them with standard twin boxes. The problem is, the old boxes are recessed far more deeply in the wall than is necessary for a 25mm deep box. It is then difficult to make good, as there is no edge to work to with the box being to deep in the wall. Can Vexbox help?

Bob, Leicester

Use Vexbox in the same way as you would when working with dry lining. They work just as well in the situation you have described, leaving a perfectly formed opening for the accessorie when plastered.