About Vex Box

Vex Box is a universal template for single or double socket boxes, providing a tidier and more efficient method of installation. Whether it’s new builds or refurbishments, the surrounding wall can be finished to a superior standard as the product extends the box flush with the plasterboard.
Vex box Variable Extension Box

Vex Box Product Extension Box

  • Comfortably fits both single and twin electrical socket boxes
  • Manufactured from VO rated high-impact polystyrene
  • Handy depth gauge incorporated for efficient installation
  • 2mm depth adjustments
  • Strong and durable when constructed
  • Clear instructions on the product

Vex Box Extension Box Specifications

Lugs – Removed where electrical wires enter the socket box
Fold Lines – Enables the flat sheet to be folded with greater ease.
Depth adjustment – Snapped off to the depth of the plasterboard wall.
Locators – Allows Vex Box to sit into the socket box over the screw mounts.
Depth gauge – A removable tool to find the correct depth for Vex Box.
Single/twin markers – Instructs the user in folding the required lines.

A quick bend of the depth gauge frees it from the rest of Vex Box.
Insert the depth-gauge into the back of the electrical socket box and measure off against the plasterboard.

Snap-off at the depth adjustment lines according to the depth gauge.

For a single socket box follow the markings to remove the waste section and fold at the specified points.

Use a pair of snips or equivalent to remove the knockouts where cables enter the electrical box.

Insert the constructed Vexbox into the socket box and commence with the wall finishing.

In tiling situations Vexbox can be used to extend the front of the accessory box proud of the wall surface thereby giving the tiler a clear line to work to and at the same time, preventing the box from being obstructed or, tiled over altogether.