Vexplate only. For use with all boxes. 2 No. required when using 47mm deep boxes


Vexplate – A universal template designed to fit into the back of either a twin or single metal accessory box. Made from a rigid PVC intumescent compound.

Vexplate can easily be fitted into a new or existing, single or twin metal electrical accessory box. Intended for use where boxes are fitted back to back in the same compartment of a stud wall, to comply with Part B of the building regulations. Or, where buildings, because of their type of use, would benifit from an enhanced level of fire protection. Such as Schools, Hospitals,Hotels,Houses of multiple occupation to mention but a few. When installing in 47mm deep boxes, an additional vexplate is required due to the larger volume of the cavity to be filled in the event of a fire.


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with and without vexplate

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Vexplate 20 pack