Vexbox Installation Hints & Tips

Vex box Tip 1

Fill the box with newspaper or use the off-cuts or, a combination of both to stop the box filling with plaster.

Vex box Tip 2

Where there are large gaps around the insert, these should be filled with board adhesive, Carlite Bonding or similar, prior to skimming.

Vex box Tip 3

When using the twin profile, ensure that of the two preformed ‘cutouts’ that accommodate the fixing lugs in the box, the centralised cutout goes over the larger sliding lug.

Vex box Tip 4

If there is no edge to mark off the depth gauge, use the Vex Box as a straight edge to span the gap.

Download data sheet for further information

Vex Box is none-load bearing, does not conduct electricity and is manufactured from V0 Rated self extinguishing high-impact polystyrene. It is at the discretion  of the user whether or not to remove the template prior to second fixing.

Vex Box is designed to fit serurely within a single ot twin box manufactured in accordance with BS4662, however as different manufacturers vary slightly in dimensions it may be that some boxes are a tighter or looser fit than others.